From humble beginnings...

The Swinburne Law Students' Society (SLSS) was established in 2015 by a group of keen and enthusiastic students who were part of the very first intake for the Swinburne Law School.  The establishment of the SLSS marked the beginning of the long and exciting journey of supporting and enriching the lives of Swinburne Law students, as well as giving them the opportunities to help them succeed in the competitive field of Law. 

...To serious growth

The SLSS has maintained consistent growth since it's beginnings, with 2019 highlighting some of our greatest achievements to date. With the constant growth of the Swinburne Law school comes new challenges to meet the demands of our fellow students, as well as exciting opportunities to broaden our reach and further establish the SLSS as a fundamental aspect of the Swinburne Law student experience. 


SLSS Presidents

2015 - James Pavlidis (founding President)
2016 - Jake Boudsocq
2017 - Katrina Davis
2018 - William Hettrick
2019 - Connor Morgan