SLSS Events Overview

The Swinburne Law Students' Society hosts a range of different social, professional development and academic support events throughout the year to ensure students are getting the most our of their studies. Below is a snapshot of our various events portfolios which we endeavor to add to each year, and we encourage all students to attend so that they can get more involved in their studies.



We understand the importance of being a part of a solid student community while studying Law. Social events hosted by the SLSS are planned in advance to provide students with an opportunity to relax during or after their studies and mingle with fellow students so they remain engaged with and feel part of the community.

Our social events are usually planned around the teaching periods, such as at the beginning of each semester, mid-year and end-of-year. We are always looking to make our events bigger and better each year, so the more people that attend, the better the party!


Professional Development Events

The SLSS endeavors to host as many professional development events as possible to provide our students with as many opportunities to expand their knowledge and access informtion that can assist them with their career prospects.


DiverSity & Inclusion Events

As Law students of the modern age, we are aware of our social responsibility and the role that we play in eradicating discrimination. We endeavor to host as many events tailored towards educating students about diversity and inclusion in the Law as possible so that they can truly prepare to be Lawyers for the Future.