Sponsoring THE SLSS


Why Sponsor us?

The Swinburne Law Students' Society is a young, vibrant and thriving community of Law students studying at one of Australia's newest Law schools. The combination of innovative teaching, strict marking and strategic course structures results in a Law school which is producing Lawyers who will be ready to tackle their careers from the moment they graduate. Sponsorship of the SLSS means that you will be able to further enrich our students' experiences, take their career prospects to new heights, and help prepare them to be Lawyers for the future. Supporting the achievements of the SLSS will benefit prospective sponsors by giving them the ability to access a network of Law students who are part of this young and vibrant community, whom with it bring creative new ways of thinking, new challenges and minds that are eager to learn and thrive. Just some of the benefits could include:

  • Named sponsorship of one of our competitions

  • Named sponsorship of one of our major social events

  • Tickets to our social events

  • Adverstising opportunities accross our suite of publications and social media

  • The ability to participate in our Professional Development and Diversity events

  • Promotion of clerkship and graduate role opportunities

  • ...and many more!

How Sponsorship could benefit us

The benefits of sponsorship for the SLSS are immeasurable. Our society has grown consistently since its establishment, and we truly believe we can only acheive further growth and success by securing sponsorships. Our Law school is also growing in size each year, and with more students brings more opportunities to engage students further in their studies through competitions, information seminars and Q & A panels.


As a prospective sponsor, the SLSS wants to assure you that your questions, queries, feedback and advice will be taken on board and applied throughout the partnership journey.  We want to ensure that our sponsors are benefiting from sponsoring us just as much as we will benefit from their sponsorship, and our committee is dedicated to providing the best service to our sponsors as possible.

Request a copy of our Prospectus

We'd be happy to forward you a copy of our Prospectus and various publications to see what your sponsorship with the SLSS could look like! Contact us today by using the form below.

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